Mike Fell
ReARTiculate in Bermondsey

I have some pictures up in an exhibition which is on at the moment in Bermondsey — ReARTiculate.

ReARTiculate poster

 The exhibition features: “artworks that communicate sustainability and recycling, hosting artists who use discarded materials in their work”. Check out this video by the organizers:

The exhibition runs until Saturday 11 May 2013. Hope you can make it (and sorry for the late notice)!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2012 was a fun and interesting year for me, starting out with a stall on Brixton market, taking part in several shows and art fairs and ending up with the xmas pop-up exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery (which is on until 7 Jan I believe — and very happy to hear that both my pictures were sold). For most of the latter part of the year I was working on commissions (which I’m always happy to discuss), but in 2013 I “resolve” to also do more work off of my own back. As always, interesting tapes gratefully received! Finally, thanks to everyone who has encouraged me with suggestions, contacts, purchases and general enthusiasm — especially to Sofie and Fede for their early encouragement. Cheers!


The end of the summer has been a pretty busy time for me in my non-tape-related life, hence the lack of updates here. However, I’ve been privileged to work on a few commissions. 

One was the above piece for Vision Nine, which is based on their new logo. I haven’t used lettering in tape pictures before but am very pleased with how it came out — and I’ll be looking to do some of my own designs along these lines in future. 

Framing now available for my tape drawings

I’m pleased to say I’ve sorted out a few framing options for my tape drawings. Here is one in a deep, glazed box frame.

The frames are available in natural wood, black and white finishes. I’ll post images of some of the other frames when I have photos and the opportunity.

Urban Art Fair, Brixton

I took a section of the Makerhood stall at Urban Art Fair in Brixton this weekend gone.  Unfortunately the Saturday was pretty miserable weather-wise, but things cleared up on Sunday and there was more of the festival atmosphere I’d been looking forward to. Here’s a picture of the stall on Sunday.

The other work you can see on the stall is by local artists (from left to right) Ray Stanbrook, Sweet View and Sharon Kaye. 

When we weren’t hoisting a plastic cover up and down over our work, the prints in particular were flying and judging by the tweets I’ve been reading during and after the show a good time was had by all. Just a shame London Kettle Popcorn weren’t on the food roster!

A few new tape pictures : running, cards, birds and drinking

This one came and went (sold) very quickly:

These ones now available:

Exhibiting at the Flint Art Fair in Norfolk this weekend

The Flint Art Fair is being held to coincide with the Subaru Houghton International equestrian event at Houghton Hall in Norfolk. You can get in free with a ticket to the horse bit. Here are the artists who are featured:

Ben Allen

Steve Allen

Jeanette Barnes

Christopher Baxter

Sir Peter Blake RA

Paul Brandford

Katie Brookes

Bob Catchpole

Zsi Chimera

Dolores De Sade

Graham Dunn

Rosie Emerson

Pure Evil

Mike Fell

Matt Forster

Sir Terry Frost RA

Amy Goodman

Al Gray

Robert Indiana

Endri Kosturi

Jean Lagadec

Mel Ramos

Peter Rapp

Neil Weerdmeester

I have to admit I did a bit of a double-take when I saw some of the names. As well as those I know from East London Printmakers, there are also those I know from designing the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s (Peter Blake), a major exhibition at the Albertina in Vienna which I visited (Mel Ramos) and The Apprentice (Pure Evil)!

A couple of pics from Brixton Makers’ Market on Saturday

I had a really fun time on the day, handed out lots of cards and sold a couple of pictures. It was good to chat to Devastating Beauty people on the stall next to mine (couldn’t find a website or I’d provide a link)!

You can now “Like” my new Facebook page to follow my work: www.facebook.com/MikeFellTapeArt

I’ll be using it (as well as this website) to upload images of new work and to post details of exhibitions and markets where I’ll be showing my work. Hopefully see you there!

I’ll be selling tape pictures at Brixton Makers’ Market this Saturday, 12 May

Looking forward to having my own stand! Just head to Brixton Station Road between 10am and 5pm. Here are a few of the latest ones I’ve made — some to be available on Saturday.